‘These 2 actors showed Raj Kumar his place; it was the pride of the actor

Mumbai, March 11: There are many actors in the film industry who quit their jobs and ventured into acting. Raj Kumar is one of them. Kulbhushan Pandit, who left the police job and stepped into the film world, became the prince of Bollywood. His dialogues and style of speaking were well received by the audience. But in real life, Rajkumar used polite language. It is said that he had a big ego. They were free to speak whatever they wanted without respecting anyone. Because of this nature of his, many people used to stay away from him. But there were two actors who gave a heartwarming reply to Raaj Kumar. This story is famous in Bollywood.

Raaj Kumar has insulted many actors in Bollywood. They have been put down and talked about. But actors Feroz Khan and Nana Patekar never listened to Raj Kumar. Both of them had spoken harsh words to Vetil Raj Kumar. No one dared to speak against Rajkumar but Nana Patekar and Firoz Khan had a good fight with Rajkumar.

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What did Raj Kumar say to Firoz Khan?

Firoz Khan was shooting for the film Unche Log in 1965. Firoz was new in the industry at that time. Raj Kumar and Kishore Kumar acted in this film. On the first day of shooting, Rajkumar saw Firod Khan. He called them and said arrogantly, look this is your first film and I am also a part of this film. You have to watch this film very carefully. I’ll teach you how to work.

Firoz Khan got angry with Raj Kumar’s arrogance. Firoz Khan got up and looked into Raj Kumar’s eyes and said to him, don’t teach me. You do your work and let me do mine. I want to do things my way.

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After this behavior of Firoz Khan, everyone felt that he would be fired from the film, but nothing like this happened. After this answer of Firoz, the prince told him that I liked your nature. Have this attitude.

Even Nana Patekar didn’t like Raj Kumar

Nana Patekar was another actor who made Raaj Kumar proud. This story of Nana is from the era of Tricolor cinema. Director Mehul Kumar signed Raaj Kumar for Tiranga. After that Nana Patekar was about to sign the film. But when he came to know that Rajkumar was in the film, he refused to do the film. But on Mehul’s persuasion, Nana agreed on one condition. Nana said, tell Rajkumar that he does not want to talk to me during the shooting of the film. I do not want their interference in any of my work.

After that when Rajkumar came to know that Nana Patekar was in the film, he asked Mehul if Nana had said anything about me. Mehul then told Raj Kumar about Nana’s condition. On this the prince said, ‘Hey father, why should I interfere in his work. After that Rajkumar decided to stay away from Nana.

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