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A few days ago, Andrea Legarreta and Eric Rubin announced their separation through a statement on social networks, where they said that everything happened on good terms, and that what they feel for each other has changed.

“We’ve decided to share something very personal… a decision it hasn’t been easy and that we took more than 5 months ago (…) Today we feel like Our history as a couple has been changed, And out of deep sincerity, respect and honesty, and out of our great love for each other, we’ll keep loving each other from somewhere else”, explained the TV presenter and former Timbirich.

However, he made it clear They will continue to work hand in hand in businesses in which both are partnersIn addition to the fact that in the future they plan to perform more professional projects together.

“We will continue to be partners of our companies and we have plans to work on projects together that we will share…and above all, we are still family togetherWho love, respect and support each other, so that everyone is happy! ”, he assured in his publication.

What are Andrea Legaretta and Eric Rubin’s companies?

In addition to having separate occupations, the television host and singer share lifestyle and fashion-related projects, among which are:

command studio

command studio is a chain of gyms that Andrea Legaretta and Eric Rubin decided to open with a different concept from the traditional ones.

in commando they offer to complete the whole program exercise in sessions, That is, they are classes in which an instructor guides you to exercise different areas of your body. The plans they have are thinking Monday through Sunday, and each day of the week a different muscle group is worked.

apart from They offer healthy drinks and snacks after each routine, so that your commando experience is complete. they currently have nine branchesIn all specific areas of states such as CDMX, Guerrero and Jalisco:

  • Samara, CDMX
  • Hills, CDMX
  • Polanco, Mexico City
  • Interlomas, CDMX
  • Pedregal, Mexico City
  • One, CDMX
  • Countess, Mexico City
  • acapulco guerrero
  • Midtown, Guadalajara, Jalisco

fortune hat

Another business that will keep Lagaretta and Rubin together is hat brand The singer of ‘When You Die For Someone’ debuted in 2018 in collaboration with Andrea.

These are the hats Eric often wears on his show 90s Pop Tour one of two Cumbia Machine Tour,

The brand’s Instagram page mentions that they are 100 percent original pieces and hand made, Public figures who have received hats from Fortuna Hats include Daniela Magun, María Barracuda, Javier Poza, Thalía and Galilea Montijo.

However, the Instagram account has not been active since 2020, and its website is currently unavailable.

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