They are the children of Miguel Bosé who, like Nacho Palau, were born through surrogacy

miguel boss She has excelled in her music career, but the parenting phase has been another that has brought her a lot of limelight. pampeno and son of the bullfighter louis Miguel dominguin and italian actress Lucy Bose is a father of four, and he did it with his now-former partner Nacho Palau.

How many kids do Miguel Bosé and Nacho Palau have?

Romance lasted for 26 years, this couple made of singer and sculptor They had four children: Diego and Tadeo, Ivo and Telmo. (The age of these children is between 11 and 12 years).

How did Miguel Bosé and Nacho Palau have children?

Twin sons of Miguel Bosé and Nacho Palau were born Surrogate mother, respectively, Bose’s first biological children arrived with this insemination method, and Palau’s biological children did the same seven months later.

In 2021 Interview Turns out they’re ‘mother and father’, “I am mother and father; And I’m a single parent.” Miguel Bose commented. “I am loving, careful and authoritarian with them”, Added.

What happened between Miguel Bosé and Nacho Palau?

Miguel Bose and Nacho Palau star in the most anticipated reunion before the courts, which will be one of the most media trials of the year, To decide what happens from now on with the dual affiliation of his four children, Diego, Tadeo, Ivo and Telmo.

Valencian sculptor started the process So that the four children maintain the broken film relationship after the end of their parents’ relationship. — eight years later grew up as brothers — and that both Miguel Bose and she are, legally, the parents of all the minors, With all the rights and responsibilities of paternity.

Let us remember that Biologically, Diego and Tadeo are the singer’s children and Ivo and Telmo are only seven months older than Nacho Palau’s biological children. When a couple who had been in a secret relationship for 26 years ended their cohabitation, LThe brothers broke up and grew apart after growing up together., And, while the sculptor moved to his native Valencia with his two young children, the artist remained with his family in Mexico, closing in on the band to reach any agreement involving the four children.

Miguel Bosé prefers not to take his children on tour

After becoming the father of twin babies in just one year, miguel boss She decided to set up residence in Panama with her children to shield them from the initial media attention.

Unlike the children of other artists, like ricky martin’s twinswho are already seasoned travelers, Bose’s children do not accompany the famous singer on her tours, as she believes that the most important thing is that they enjoy stability and routine.,

“No, the kids stay at home. I think children need order: they wake up, go to school, homework, games, classes… all this has to have an order, a home, a fixed point,” he dedicated to Latin music. Explained on a panel. Billboard in downtown Miami.

The thrill of raising four young children is largely responsible for Bose continuing to have enormous energy and the same physical charm as she always has in her 60-plus years without the need for a gym or diet.

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