They compare Yellin to Karol Gee for a revealing picture

on his Instagram account with more than 7 million 800 thousand followers, the most viral and controversial Dominican urban music singer known as Yellin, has been posting pictures and videos of her figure with different outfits To show Internet users how she was after the birth of her daughter Cattlethe fruit of love that happened to a puerto rican one day Anuel.

And it is that the woman has faced a lot of criticism for how her body was after giving birth and she herself has shown that she does not care about those comments as she continues to show pictures. Her figure and even the massages and exercises she is doing to return to the flat stomach and wasp waist that we are used to seeing with her.

on this very night Friday May 19, the singer once again gave something to talk about because of her curves and the way she showed them off, as she decided to wear a slightly risky and revealing outfit consisting of a top And a beige skirt with shiny appliqués that also give it a silver touch.

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Most viral Yellin says she is not ashamed of her figure

The most interesting thing about the suit is that It is translucent and hence, we can see the details of her skin and that is the reason why it created such a stir. Apart from this, in the description of the post, he mentioned a phrase From his most recent release, ‘Just You and Me’.

“He sends me a photo that no one else [emoji de ojo]”wrote the famous Dominican.

Followers react to Yellin’s revealing photo

The comments didn’t take long to come and They remind not only Anuel but also Karol G, they compare him with him and there are other internet users They want to end that rivalry.

“More cheese”, “Queen of the world turns on the net in minutes, little girls come”, “I’ve never seen so much plastic”, “Now little girls fuck like always”, “They all want to be Dominican”. for”, “I don’t know really, because her girl gave birth and it was hard, I gave birth and I was like flip-flops, bless”, “How blind is @anuel yellin, she’s better than Karol’s in comparison “.

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