They do not hide their relationship at all

Rumors about an alleged relationship between Sebastian Yatra and Aitana had been circulating in the media for several weeks, as celebrities they were photographed showing Display of affection in various public places. However, the kiss has finally arrived and is already a trend on social networks to confirm the romance between the cast once and for all.

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Images expected by millions of their fans showed the kiss that the Colombian and the Spanish gave each other While they were enjoying a short vacation in Miami, USA, Presumably, in the singer’s house.

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As the portal ‘Hello!’ As told by, the two were seen buying some items in a famous shopping center, where they went unnoticed and were approached by passers-by to take a picture with them. Likewise, they were seen getting quite close and sharing one or the other hug.

After passing the shops, they went to the port from where they set out to sea on a yacht. on top of the boat, They showed signs of affection again, but this time the kiss was immortal Which confirms the love affair between the singers.

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marriage cements their romance

recognized last week influencer Lele Pons marries reggaeton player Guyana , The event was attended by Aitana and Yatra, which is very close to Puerto Rican, and what’s more, he served as the god of marriage.

The celebration publicly made their courtship official in front of a community of artists and entertainment personalities, after much speculation about it. Firstly, because of the recent break between the Spanish woman and her former partner actor miguel bernardo, And second, because Journey was linked to a number of celebrities after her split from Tiny.

The celebrities will once again make a public appearance next June when they perform on the stadium stage. Civitas Metropolitano, which will host the OMG La Liga Music Experience festival.

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