They don’t forgive him! Martha Higareda shares her best photos at the beach and haters remind her of her “anecdotes”

actress in recent weeks Martha Higareda It has given much to talk about and has become the target of memes on social networks, because of “anecdotes“that she has said and they described as lies. However, the beautiful Tabasco woman remains very active in her network, and it was in Instagram where they shared a reel Best pictures of him on the beachBut haters don’t forgive her And so he reminded her of his stories.

The 39-year-old film star, who has been living in the United States for a long time where she has filmed movies and series, surprised her followers by sharing a series of pictures in which she was seen dressed in flirty and youthful outfits , Snapshot mini dress and bathing suit, with which she confirms that she is not only one of the most beautiful in the show, but also has the best style.

Martha falls in love with his best self. Photo: IG @marthahigareda

Martha Higreda shares her best photos on the beach

The broadcaster also shared a clip on the popular Meta platform, with which she left her fans speechless as Higareda She showed off her curvy silhouette with very chic outfits, crowning herself as one of the queens of show business style, because without a doubt the lady from Tabasco knows when it comes to outfits for spring. How has she established herself as a fashion benchmark when it comes to fashion? and hot days.

He Videowhich lasts only a few seconds, and which he set to the song “Where the Adventure Begins” by American singer Tim Halperin, earning him over 135,000 “likes” and hundreds of comments, many of which were positive. She is a very beautiful woman, however, the haters were also present and reminded her of her “tales”.

The actress is looking very beautiful. Photo: IG @marthahigareda

The real name of the actress Martha Alba Higareda Cervantes, originally from Tabasco, is one of the Mexican celebrities who decided to try their luck in the cinema. HollywoodAlready making significant partnerships with films such as “Lies in Plain Sight” and “McFarland, USA”, some of the series also include: “Steven Universe”, “Altered Carbon” and “Queen of the South”.

Higareda She is one of the beloved actors of show business in Mexico, as she gained fame since she was a teenager with her participation in successful films, “Amarte Duele” being one of the most remembered by its viewers. . Now, after 20 years, she continues to win over with her beauty, especially when it comes to revealing and daring looks, as she claims on her Instagram account.

rain of comments

“Lie me, as always, please lie to me”, “That’s right Jordi. I inspired the movie Moana”, “That’s right Jordi I finished Mario Bros at age 3”, “I brewed Yordy”. tilted the tower”, “Jordi, do you know Puerto Escondido? Well, I hid it”, “Don’t tell me you’re Ariel the Little Mermaid but you changed your voice to have legs”, “It Right Yordi. The aliens came to me when I was 4 months old. They taught me to travel in time and I wrote the movie Back to the Future”, these are some of the messages left by users of the famous network.

They are bombarded with comments from “haters”. Photo: IG @marthahigareda

Not everything was negative though, okay martha She has loyal fans who have come to her rescue, although in reality the actress has taken the whole issue in the best way as, far from being upset, she has confessed on other platforms like Twitter that she has made them laugh a lot with memes . His stories are composed: “I love these proofs! What a laugh they are the best!”, he wrote.

“How easy it is to fuck behind a cell phone screen, we don’t learn, don’t do what you don’t want to be done to you, let others be in peace”, “Beautiful!!!!! I don’t do people’s Can’t understand hate, because there is so much hate on social networks?”, “Why so much hate? Who caused people so much pain? Martita the most beautiful”, “The world is like this because of people like you, you don’t understand, this Bullying is what they do, they only judge this account, without understanding anything and they have no idea of ​​EMPATHY” and “Why do they attack you so much? What’s inside you”, were the messages that He got it for his rescue.

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