They launch cumbia against the former dancer of Sonido Pirata, they call him “unrelenting”

they launched against cumbia half a meter “ungrateful” title for his departure from Pirate Sonic. musician Mr. cumbia He created a musical theme with that project telling the story of the dancer and influencer that he was discovered and decided to leave to continue his solo artistic career.

“Life is full of ungratefuls, their fame grows, then they don’t even greet you, I’ll tell the story of Sonic the Pirate, its atmosphere doesn’t fail, people enjoy and dance,” says the song Are.

Mr Cambia said, “He helped a friend of his, got fame, he got off the boat, everybody knows, they were a team today, they watch them dance, but it’s not the same anymore.”

The song’s lyrics say, “If one day in life you do great, you shouldn’t forget who helped you succeed.”

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