30 Things You Never Knew About Dragon Ball

Whether you’re a super fan who’s watched every episode a bunch of times or someone new who wants to learn about this awesome saga, we’ve got some amazing facts that will make you say, “It’s over 9000!”

From secret character relationships and cool behind-the-scenes info to the surprising ideas that inspired the series, we’re going to take you on a fun ride through 30 things you never knew about Dragon Ball.

Ever wondered what made Akira Toriyama start writing again? Or why Super Saiyan hair is blonde? Get ready for a journey full of surprises, interesting facts, and a few laughs along the way.

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Get ready to boost your Dragon Ball knowledge! You won’t want to miss any of these exciting details as we uncover the hidden gems of this iconic anime. Let’s dive in and see what fun secrets await in the world of Dragon Ball!

1. Dragonball Evolution Inspired Toriyama To Write Again

Amazing Facts About Dragon Ball Z
Amazing Facts About Dragon Ball Z

Remember the live-action “Dragonball Evolution” movie? Yeah, that one. It was so far off the mark that Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, couldn’t just sit back and watch. The movie was a critical flop, and Toriyama felt compelled to return to the drawing board to restore the integrity of his beloved series. Thanks to that film’s shortcomings, we were blessed with more Dragon Ball magic, as Toriyama picked up his pen again to bring his vision back to life.

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2. Akira Toriyama Is Not The Head Writer

Goku vs King Piccolo
Goku vs King Piccolo

Surprise! Akira Toriyama isn’t the main writer for Dragon Ball anymore. While he provides the story outlines and designs the characters, a talented team of writers brings those stories to life. This collaborative effort ensures that the Dragon Ball universe continues to expand and evolve, even if Toriyama isn’t penning every line himself.

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3. It Is Written With A General Outline Rather Than A Detailed Plot

Goku vs Frieza
Goku vs Frieza

Ever wondered how Dragon Ball stories come together? Toriyama and his team work from a general outline rather than a detailed plot. This flexible storytelling approach allows for unexpected twists and turns, making each episode fresh and exciting. It gives the writers room to explore new ideas and directions, keeping fans on their toes.

4. Belmond and Marcarita Were Originally Lovers

Belmond, the God of Destruction, and Marcarita, his angelic attendant, have an interesting backstory. They were originally written as lovers. This juicy bit of backstory adds a whole new layer to their interactions and makes their partnership even more intriguing. Knowing this, their dynamic in the series takes on a new, more complex meaning.

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5. Jiren Was Almost Introduced Sooner

Goku vs Jiren
Goku vs Jiren

Jiren, the stoic powerhouse from Dragon Ball Super, was meant to be introduced much earlier in the series. Imagine how different the storyline could have been if Jiren had made his debut ahead of schedule! His delayed introduction allowed for his character to be developed more thoroughly, making his eventual appearance all the more impactful.

6. Goku Black Is A Rehash Of A Previous Villain

Notice something familiar about Goku Black? That’s because his character is a reimagining of an earlier villain. This dark version of Goku brings back some old, sinister vibes with a fresh twist. Goku Black’s menacing presence and the mystery surrounding his identity echo themes from past Dragon Ball antagonists, creating a blend of nostalgia and new excitement.

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7. Most Of Gohan’s Scenes Are Filler

Beast Gohan vs Cell Max
Beast Gohan vs Cell Max

A lot of Gohan’s scenes in the anime are actually filler episodes. These episodes, while not part of the main storyline, provide extra time to explore Gohan’s character. They delve into his personal growth, relationships, and everyday life, giving fans a deeper understanding of Gohan beyond the high-stakes battles.

8. The Anime Is The Main Product, Not The Manga

For Dragon Ball, the anime takes the spotlight over the manga. The vibrant animation, dynamic fights, and epic soundtracks make the anime the primary way fans experience the story. While the manga lays the foundation, it’s the anime that captures the hearts and imaginations of a global audience.

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9. The Animation Has Had Occasional Hiccups

Even the best shows have their off days, and Dragon Ball is no exception. There have been moments when the animation quality dipped, leading to some rather quirky and memorable frames. Fans often point out these hiccups with a mix of humor and affection, as they’ve become part of the show’s charm.

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10. It Has The First Canonical Power Ups In 20 Years

Dragon Ball Super brought us the first new canonical power-ups in two decades. These power-ups, like Super Saiyan God and Ultra Instinct, have pushed the boundaries of what our favorite characters can achieve. They keep the battles fresh and exciting, showcasing new levels of strength and skill.

11. Trunks Is The Unofficial Apprentice Of Supreme Kai

Trunks has a unique relationship with the Supreme Kai, acting almost like an unofficial apprentice. This special bond gives Trunks insights and abilities that set him apart from other fighters. His training under the Supreme Kai has equipped him with knowledge and powers that have proven crucial in critical moments.

12. Gods Of Destruction Cannot Exist Without Supreme Kais

Goku vs Lord Beerus
Goku vs Lord Beerus

In the Dragon Ball universe, Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kais are interconnected. If one falls, so does the other, creating a delicate balance of power. This connection ensures that there is always a cosmic equilibrium, maintaining order in the universe.

13. The Angels Are The Only Beings Immune To Erasure

Angels have a special status in Dragon Ball—they are immune to erasure. This makes them unique and extremely powerful within the cosmic hierarchy. No matter what happens in the universe, the Angels remain, guiding and observing with an unwavering presence.

14. More People Are Killed In Super Than In Any Other Dragon Ball Show

Dragon Ball Super holds the record for the highest death toll. With its intense battles and high stakes, more characters meet their end in Super than in any other Dragon Ball series. The sheer scale of destruction and loss adds to the series’ dramatic tension.

15. Goku Doesn’t Kill (Much)

Goku is known for his mercy. Unlike many protagonists, he doesn’t kill his enemies unless absolutely necessary. He often gives them a chance to change their ways, reflecting his hopeful and compassionate nature. This trait sets him apart and adds depth to his character.

16. Goku Only Died Twice

Goku has only died twice in the series, which is impressive given the number of life-threatening battles he’s been in. Each death and revival has been a significant event, marking pivotal moments in the Dragon Ball saga. His returns from the afterlife always come with new strength and determination.

17. 187 Fights (And Counting)

Dragon Ball is packed with fights—187 and counting! Each battle showcases new techniques, strategies, and epic moments that keep fans on the edge of their seats. The sheer number of fights highlights the series’ focus on martial arts and the relentless pursuit of power.

18. Norihito Sumitomo Is Scoring The Series

Norihito Sumitomo is the genius composer behind the music in Dragon Ball Super. His scores add intensity and emotion to every scene, enhancing the overall experience. The music complements the action and drama, making the series even more memorable.

19. Voice Actor Passed Out Going Super Saiyan

The dedication of the Dragon Ball voice actors is legendary. One actor even passed out while recording the intense screams for a Super Saiyan transformation! This level of commitment shows just how much effort goes into bringing these characters to life.

20. Goku’s 30-Year Voice

Goku’s voice actor has been bringing him to life for over 30 years. This incredible consistency has helped keep Goku’s character familiar and beloved by fans. The voice of Goku is iconic, instantly recognizable, and a crucial part of the Dragon Ball experience.

21. Toriyama Forgot Super Saiyan 2

Even the creator can have a brain freeze. Akira Toriyama once forgot about the Super Saiyan 2 transformation, much to the amusement of fans everywhere. This oversight is a funny reminder that even the most meticulous creators can have slip-ups.

22. Super Saiyan Wasn’t Intentionally Blonde

The iconic blonde hair of the Super Saiyan transformation wasn’t planned. It was a practical decision to save time and ink during the drawing process! This accidental design choice has become one of the most recognizable features of the series.

23. It’s Over 9000 Was Changed

The famous line “It’s over 9000!” was actually changed from the original “It’s over 8000!” This minor tweak has become one of the most iconic phrases in anime history. The line’s delivery and context have cemented it as a memorable moment in pop culture.

24. Named After Vegetables

Ever noticed that many characters have names related to vegetables? Saiyans, for example, are named after veggies: Vegeta (vegetable), Kakarot (carrot), and more. This playful naming convention adds a fun layer of creativity to the character design.

25. Battle Of Gods Was Government Funded

The “Battle of Gods” movie had an unusual source of funding—the Japanese government. This support helped bring one of the most exciting Dragon Ball movies to life, showcasing the series’ cultural significance in Japan.

26. Those Filler Episodes Have A Purpose

Filler episodes in Dragon Ball serve a purpose. They give the manga time to get ahead of the anime and provide extra character development and fun side stories. These episodes, while not part of the main plot, enrich the world and characters we love.

27. Goku’s Symbols Represent His Masters

The symbols on Goku’s gi represent his masters and mentors. Each symbol tells a part of Goku’s journey and the teachers who have shaped him. These markings are a testament to his growth and the wisdom he has gained along the way.

28. Cell Wasn’t Originally The Big Bad

Cell wasn’t supposed to be the main villain. The writers initially had other plans, but Cell’s popularity and potential led to his rise as a major antagonist. This behind-the-scenes change gave us one of the most iconic villains in Dragon Ball history.

29. Goku vs Frieza Is The Longest Fight

The battle between Goku and Frieza is the longest fight in Dragon Ball history. It’s an epic showdown that stretched over multiple episodes, keeping fans hooked with its high stakes and dramatic tension. This legendary battle is

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