This is a picture of Chayan in a bathing suit, to understand why he is the father of all Mexicans

caste of Chayanne It is as wide as the smile it casts on every woman which is reflected in its perfect set of teeth. And it’s not for less, as the Puerto Rican singer has managed to carve out a very special place in the hearts of millions of Latin fans, spanning several generations. Respect for the way he sings and above all his dance moves.

You have to be honest about something, Chayenne is one of those actors who just smiles and wins. It is enough for him to stand in front of a woman and offer her his greeting, hand or smile, to fall prey to his charms. For this reason it is known as “Father of all Mexicans”, Curiosity that applies to all of Latin America.

If there was any doubt what the reasons for such a nickname are, just look at that picture Chien Fan revealed, From an old time when he was young and ever since, he raised the temperature of anyone who saw him. that was then He starred in his Hollywood debut, “Dance With Me” (1998), alongside Vanessa Williams.

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Chyna fans show her photo

One woman took to social networks to show off, with the singer’s delight in posing for a revealing swimsuit and postcard i remember dating 1996At a time when the singer was already an idol in Latin America and in the case of Mexico, he enjoyed a great audience for his music. The telenovela “Volver a Emperador”, in which she starred in 1994 with Yuri.

“And the best memory, meeting @Chyannemusic at the beach in 1996. At 23, unforgettable. Thank you for your sympathy and affection. With that picture I have shown myself for decades. And there was no social network That’s why I kept it as a Bone Di Santo”, indicated via Twitter a fan named Jocelyn Korada.

Chayan enjoying the beach in a bathing suit

women unleash their influence

If Chayan has achieved anything, it is homogenizing the idea that people have. Even more so, with an image like the one shown, where fans couldn’t help but admit that it was then and still is a A man with great athletic physical presence.

Furthermore, he has offered many compliments to his person and shown that he has earned the nickname of “everyone’s father”, as women in the past and present fall in love with him, something that The singer gives thanks and with a smile.

So that there is no doubt that the years go by very well for her, here is a photo next to her son.

Chayanne at the beach with her son

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Chayanne’s only daughter blows up the net with her tight bikini

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