This is the moment Queen Letizia corrected Felipe VI by giving him an award

The spontaneity of Queen Letizia is revealed again during a Prize Which happened in Alicante. During the act, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia took turns in dispensation. However, at one point, there has been some confusion and it is Letizia who has resolved it, as can be seen in the images.

,I totally understand Raja. In ARCO, during a performance, Letizia had to ask him for silence and I understand him, because he also makes mistakes”, commented Iñaki López.

On her part, Cristina Pardo assures that “no one says with the statue in her hand saying it was her turn” and that “she could have been a little more discreet”.

Journalist Loreto Ochando, “as a self-confessed Republican”, has pointed out that “it wouldn’t mind if it was anyone from the street”, but “These people collect from my tax and they have some rules of protocols, what short of learning them”.

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