This is the song that Queen turned down from Sylvester Stallone and that marked a before and after in music.

Sylvester Stallone was on top of Hollywood in the ’80s thanks to his super production “Rocky Balboa”, At that time, if the actor called you, it was impossible to refuse to do what he said, because if you appeared in his films, you were guaranteed success, even if you were not that good.

Whereas, Queen was one of the most chosen bands in the world. All of his songs reached the top of the music charts and not only filled bars in England, but his renditions greeted thousands of fans in football stadiums. For this reason, whatever it was, trusting this band was synonymous with success.

Stallone rejected by the queen of music

Sylvester Stallone I’m so glad to start recording a new version of “Rocky Balboa”, Part one and two were quite sensational and hence I expected the third installment to be a plus. For this reason, he was in charge of being in all the details until he knew which songs would appear in it.

The actor’s favorite band was what in For this reason, I didn’t hesitate to ask him if I could include the song “The Other One Bites the Dust” to open the third Boxer movie. Well, contrary to his imagination, the English band refused to let him sing and so Stallone had to go for a plan B.

Ultimately, Sylvester Stallone He calls on Jim Peterik (vocalist of Survivor) to participate in this installment of his song “Rocky Balboa”, The singer agreed and ended up including the song “Eye of the Tiger”. Undoubtedly, this musical theme was successful and topped the charts for 15 consecutive weeks.

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