This is what ‘Pokémon’ would have been if Johnny Depp was the monster from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

Several Pokémon characters were taken out of context and transferred to the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie. You won’t believe what Blastoise looks like next to Johnny Depp.

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Looks like a fan of the Pokémon franchise He’s more active than ever, and we’ve barely seen characters on the series turn into humans, which was extraordinary. Today the creatures from Pirates of the Caribbean were traded for Pokémon characters, so Johnny Depp now has more than just a squad, he has a super team to battle.

images of characters Pokémon as Captain Jack Sparrow’s crew (Johnny Depp) They are really awesome. Once you see the Vaporeon, you’ll agree with us that it’s even bigger than the Kraken.

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