“This is who I am, 59 years old with fear and cold, a human stripped of additives”

The Madrid woman has received her prize with a very casual “mamarracha” look made up of a simple white T-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Actress blanca portillo assures that, as her career has progressed, she has not “increased in confidence” but has gained “nervousness”, and when she is going to face any project, be it in theatre, Or in cinema or television. ,I feel equally uncomfortable everywhere. My panic level has reached a level that would need to see a doctor“, he said in his speech while picking up Malaga Awards In this Film Festival in Spanish from this city.

Madrid, which He turns up to deliver his speech in a simple white T-shirt, flared jeans and sneakersdid not hesitate to define its informal form as “mamarcha”. “It’s me, Blanca. 59 years of fear and cold took away the additives from a human who was already in dire need of love and support.”

When he sees the red light on the camera, he is “scared” because the camera “goes all the way in and it is not a bystander who is a few meters away”, and this causes him “panic and terror”.

“Somebody told me that, instead of turning her against it, don’t be afraid of it and try to seduce the camera, because if you fall in love with her, she will follow you. I tried to get her on my side and always be as honest as you can be, cause when i don’t sing you sing ‘La Traviata’, everything is seen. When what you’ve done isn’t right, that’s the problem with cinema, it’s always there.”

He does not like to watch his films until they are finished because when he does a character he wants to “disappear” and “hide behind”, and he never knows “what he is watching”. That Blanca Portillo is doing something or that character”.

they goya ‘Maxabel’A story “that isn’t fiction, that actually happened and with a hero who is there to kill her husband.”

“I don’t think ‘Maxabel’ was just a professional work, but an important journey, an intimate and personal journey”, which he also did under the orders of Icar Boleyn“a genius and a woman with an impressive heart and cinematic intelligence”, so it is “stored there” for the rest of her life.

about their work with pedro almodovarconfides that he has been “extremely happy” because he “loves” being “squeezed” and that he would love to find a director “who directs with such great precision and who makes you feel the limits of your possibilities”. pushes up”.

“He’s demanding, demanding and has a very particular sensibility. He detects very well what’s going on inside you, he doesn’t leave loose ends and he builds characters very well. With her I have been able to grow and develop as an actress.” , and I’ve had the privilege of seeing her directly, making it as if you’re beside Picasso And you watch him paint, it’s next to a genius”.

One of his most outstanding roles in cinema was that of a man, Fray Emilio BoccanegraIn ‘elatrist’And for Blanca Portillo “the important thing is that there was a man who decided that the character should be played by a woman, which is courage”, pointing to the film’s director, Agustín Díaz Ynes.

“It was hard when I saw myself dressed as Fray Emilio, and it was there viggo mortensen Take care of me like no one else has taken care of me in my life”, recalls the actress.

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