This was the condition of Rajesh Khanna when Dimple Kapadia’s thread met Sunny Deol.

Mumbai, March 15- Every day new relationships are formed in B-Town and they also become fashionable very quickly. But some relationships always stay together even after breaking up. This is called true love. The life of Bollywood superstar Rajesh Khanna was also full of romance. His name was associated with many actresses but he married Dimple Kapadia. Rajesh Khanna was strongly against working in Dimple’s film. But when their relationship broke up, Dimple started working in films again.

Dimple Kapadia leaves Rajesh Khanna’s Ashirwad bungalow. It is said that after Dimple left, Rajesh Khanna did not allow any woman in his life to stay in his bungalow. No one could replace Dimple in Rajesh’s house, but Sunny Deol entered Dimple’s life.

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The tussle between Sunny Deol and Dimple is not hidden from anyone. Both are always spotted with each other. The two are often spotted having lunch or dinner together. In Yasir Usman’s book Kuch To Log Kahenge, journalist Bharti S Pradhan says, “Sunny Deol became so close to Dimple Kapadia that Twinkle Khanna and Rinke Khanna started calling him ‘Chhote Papa’.”

Rajesh Khanna was not ready to accept the truth

Like Rajesh Khanna, Dimple Kapadia also had the right to take her own decisions. Although Rajesh Khanna was not ready to accept the truth. Rajesh Khanna’s life was always complicated and he was left alone after breaking up with Dimple. Though Rajesh and Dimple are separated, they never divorced.

Dimple and Sunny did not divorce their partners

After some pictures of Dimple and Sunny surfaced, the news of their relationship reached Sunny’s house. Sunny’s wife was pregnant at that time. , Pooja became very tense after hearing this news about her husband. At last Pooja’s patience breaks and she clearly says that either stay away from Dimple or divorce me. But neither Sunny nor Dimple have divorced their spouses.

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