Through tears, Dhasia Vezca ends her relationship with Diego Ortiz: “For me, he does not exist”

  • Dhasia Vezka started a relationship with Diego Ortiz since 2021, they were considered to be one of the most established couples in the industry.
  • Diego Ortiz is a photographer known by various celebrities in the world of entertainment.
  • This is not the first time that Dhasia has raised the issue of infidelity by her former colleagues.

Dhasia Vezka is a YouTuber who rose to fame after her relationship with Ryan Hoffman, better known as debrayanshow, However, after their breakup, the famous lady continued to create content while achieving her success on the social network.

After announcing her break with the famous Mexican photographer on this occasion, the famous gave a lot to talk about, diego ortizWith whom he only seemed happy.

However, appearances are deceiving, as the influencer explained that the reason for his blunder was clearly for infidelity on his part.

Through her official Instagram account, Dhasia surprised her followers with the news that she would no longer be with Diego, despite the fact that she had already broken up with him a few weeks earlier, this time making it official. made.

“I made the decision to terminate Diego a few weeks ago; However, we didn’t see each other talking. Today we met, unfortunately, but Luckily I realized something”told the YouTuber.

This is what he said:

Vezka confirmed that she met her ex-boyfriend to be on good terms and later the photographer went out to a party and this is when everything exploded.

“I knew he went to a party yesterday, We looked at each other because we had to talk, to end the relationship well and all those things… I just heard an audio of what happened at your party yesterday, and yet; today is buried for meshe added through tears.

Though Dhasia asked that they not “hate” her ex, she said she was tired of being teased and seeing him as “crazy” and that’s why she wanted to make her feelings public.

“I’m going to give myself my time to recover, my time to get better and that man doesn’t exist for meR”, she repeated before assuring him that Diego’s actions had seriously hurt him.

Finally, the influencer declares that she is fed up with thinking that because of her jealousy, her relationships are ending when this is not the case; However, he confirmed that he would move on and continue with his life.

“If they saw how much I love, how much I put into my relationships… That chapter closes, I’m Ching *n*, I’m achieving amazing things*, broken heart is not going to stop me, on the contrary, it will make me stronger”, he insisted.

This isn’t the first time that the content creator has exposed infidelity to the network, as her relationship with Ryan Hoffman ended in a similar situation.

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