Tillman Fertitta enters the fray for Commanders

Jeff Bezos is out, even though he was never in. Another potential bidder for Commanders is now in.

According to Washington PostHouston Rockets owner Tillman Fertitta is “involved in bidding” for a DC football team.

According to the report, Fertitta’s bid was an estimated $5.5 billion, and he is not considered the leader.

He is apparently the other former unnamed bidder who has toured the team’s facility with Josh Harris.

The news of Fertita being the bidder was dropped immediately after both reports. new york post and TheAthletic.com that Bezos, the founder of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post, has been banned from bidding on Commanders.

Washington Post has not reported the fact (if it is factual) that Bezos is banned from bidding on Commanders. Actually, from Saturday Night Item Washington Post lists Bezos as a potential buyer, without even mentioning the twice-reported blunder that Commanders owner Daniel Snyder refused to accept any bid from Bezos.

while every article Washington Post Addresses to Bezos include a disclaimer that he owns the publication, yet it’s becoming clear that the paper he owns won’t take a word of the fact that several major publications have reported that he has been bid Or the paper he owns is apparently not doing any reporting of its own on the fact that Boss Bezos is being snubbed by a fully grown Boss Baby who owns Commanders.

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