Titan Comics publishes Witch of Thistle Castle, The Great Yokai War: Guardians, Elpi the Soul Sender manga in English

Penguin Random House The following is listing manga to be released in English titan comics,

© John Tarachin, Tokuma Shoten

Topic: witch of thistle castle

Manufacturer(s): john tarachin

Release Date: September 5
Synopsis: Spirits and magic are everywhere in the streets of Edinburgh – if you dare to see it! Dive into this heartwarming manga about a witch and her apprentice as they try to find their place in a world that hates their very existence.

The last in a long line of Blackwood witches, Mary Blackwood lives a quiet life in Edinburgh – away from the scrutiny of the Church. But when the church thrusts 13-year-old Theo into her hands for safekeeping, Mary suddenly finds herself in charge of not only taking care of a teenager – but protecting the world and Theo herself from the amazing power that lives within her. Got it.

© Yusuke Watanabe, Sanmi Suzuki, Kadokawa

Topic: Great Yokai Battle: Guardian

Manufacturer(s): Yusuke Watanabesanmi suzuki
Release Date: September 5
Synopsis: The hit manga adaptation of the 2021 film of the same name, Great Yokai Battle: Guardian Follows the epic adventure of Watanabe, a seemingly ordinary student who gains the power of the legendary monster hunter to defeat monstrous yokai as he heads to Tokyo!

After an earthquake disturbs ancient fossils in Japan, the spirits of evil yokai manifest as giant monsters, marching towards Tokyo! The only person who can stop it is Watanabe, a young elementary school student who is an unknown descendant of a long line of legendary monster hunters!

© Rona, Tokuma Shoten

Topic: Alpi the Soul Sender

Manufacturer(s): Weeping

Release Date: October 3
Synopsis: A coming of age tale, perfect for fans of the magical girl manga, Alpi is a young ‘soul sender’ who helps send malignant spirits to the afterlife.

In the magical world of Alpi, divine spirits are the source of all life, with communities living in harmony under their protection. However, when their lives come to an end, a terrible curse drives them to evil, and these evil spirits must be sent to the afterlife by spirit senders. Alpi is one such girl, who is talented despite her young age, and is assisted by her acquaintance Pelnai!

ANN contacted titan comics For the release confirmation but as of press time there is no response from the company.

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