Tom Sandoval Subtly Supports Raquel Lewis Amid Cheating Scandal

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March 9, 2023 | at 1:00

Raquel Lewis may have ghosted Tom Sandoval, but she’s still showing subtle support to her affair partner in the midst of their cheating scandal.

When the former pageant queen took to Instagram on Thursday to clarify the status of her and Sandoval’s relationship, the singer “liked” the social media upload.

Notably, Lewis, 28, disabled comments on the posts.

In the lengthy statement, Lewis wrote that her feelings for her “Vanderpump Rules” co-star, 39, were “sincere and made of a sweet friendship.”

Noting the “precarious circumstances” of Sandoval — aka Sandoval’s nine-year relationship with “indiscriminate” Ariana Madix — Lewis said he should make “better … choices” in the future .

Tom Sandoval gave Raquel Lewis subtle social media support mid-scandal.

The reality star, who needs “time to heal with being alone,” concluded, “I care about Tom and I don’t want to label anything or predict what will happen next. Right now I’m fine.” need to be.

While Sandoval hasn’t addressed the current nature of their romance since news of their affair surfaced last week, she has issued multiple apologies via Instagram.

Tom Sandoval and Most Extra frontman called their split from Maddix, 37, “beyond sad” in a similar post, while condemning their own “selfish” and “reckless” actions.

The singer “liked” his affair partner’s Instagram statement.
Instagram/Raquel Lewis
The former pageant queen wrote she needed “alone” time following the cheating scandal.

Maddix, for his part, temporarily deactivated his social media accounts and is back on Instagram, no longer following Lewis, Sandoval or his best friend Tom Schwartz.

According to “Pump Rules” alum Kristen Doute, Schwartz found out about their friends’ “full-blown relationship” at least “a month in advance” and pressured the two to come clean.

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“They told [Sandoval] He needed to tell Ariana that before it blew up in her face and kicked the hell out of her,” Doute explained Wednesday on her “Sex, Love, and What Else Matters” podcast. “Too young. Too late.”

Lewis has been ghosting Sandoval while in hiding in Los Angeles.

Schwartz mostly remained silent on the scandal, posting only two joker emojis via Instagram Stories when the news broke on March 3.

He and his fellow cast members have resumed season 10 production six months after wrapping up to document the aftermath of the betrayal.

Sources tell Page Six that Maddix felt “gaslit” in her on-camera conversation with Sandoval, also alleging that the TomTom co-founder kisses Lewis in a separate scene.

The two had a “full blown relationship” behind Ariana Madix’s back.

We can report, however, that Lewis is ghosting Sandoval and hiding out in Los Angeles, where she was photographed on Wednesday.

Bravo’s persona was casually dressed at the time, which appears to show bruised eyes she claims Shayna Shay had mugged.

Lewis has filed a restraining order against his former friend following the alleged altercation, which fans fear will impact the series’ reunion later this month.

The former couple lived together for nine years.

Andy Cohen assured his SiriusXM listeners on Wednesday, “We’re going to have a reunion and … it’s going to be great.”

Although he offered the idea of ​​filming “one-off” interviews with Lewis and Shay, he noted their reluctance to “lean into imaginary situations”.

“There’s a lot happening every day,” said the Bravo official.

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