Turning her back, Maya Nazor melts TikTok with fit sporty look and hot dance

maya nazor attracted attention in social networks during the last hours because he made a publication in TIC Toc in which she made it clear why she is considered one of the hottest women in the entire entertainment industry, as it turns out the beautiful influencer boastedor stole sighs with a fitted sport look that allowed her to show off her stunning figure, apart fromdid a hot dance that left all her fans speechlessSo, as expected, the revealing photos went viral and The ex-girlfriend of the Santa Fe Clan has received dozens of accolades.

As mentioned earlier, it was through TikTok maya nazor contemplated publication with the sole purpose of Delight the disciples of over seven million fans on said platform In which it is quite a phenomenon due to the hot and entertaining content it publishes on a recurring basis.

For this occasion, Maya Nazor joins the trend of dancing twerking-style The rhythm of the song called “Templec” by Jon Eric and so affecting He turns his back to the camera in what appears to be his bedroom And as soon as the song started, he started pulling out His best and most daring move of the cadreShe even took her blonde hair up so her hot antics could be better appreciated.

The impressive look with which Maya Nazor made the occasion swoon was a black lycra crop topApart from this, he was also wearing a black cap, but the garment that attracted the most attention was a pair of blue leggings with black piping, Which were more than fitted and because of this, every single curve of its luxurious silhouette could be appreciated very well.

as expected Maya Nazor’s publication went unnoticed The proof for millions of users of the famous application that emerged in China is that its clip went viral in just a few hours, kept piling up, until this writing was cut off. More than 3.1 million copies, in addition, close to 400 thousand likesSimilarly, the compliments were not long in coming and the comment box was filled with hundreds of compliments.

Maya Nazor is a phenomenon in social networks. Photo: IG: Nazaromaya

“The most beautiful mom on tiktok”, “More beautiful every day”, “You are definitely the most beautiful”, “What a beautiful body!”, “You are a dream”, “Cool woman”, “You look beautiful are”, “A Real Bonbon” and “Simply Fabulous” were some of the accolades received. maya nazoR, who courted controversy a few days back for allegedly using Karol G and Shakira’s new song to send indirect santa fe clan, who may have already forgotten about their romance and started a new relationship.

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