Ukraine live briefing: Power cuts continue after attacks; Kiev says Kremlin’s forces in Bakhmut are being weakened

The fallout of Russia’s missile barrage spread over the weekend, leaving many people in Ukraine without power and heat. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a Friday night address that the city of Kharkiv was experiencing “communications problems” and outages, while in Kiev, heating is still being restored.

Mykhailo Podolić, a top Zelensky aide, made an optimistic comment about brutal fighting around the eastern city of Bakhmut. Podolić told Italy’s La Stampa newspaper that Kiev’s forces were “overdoing” their goal of reducing the Kremlin’s “capable personnel as much as possible” with “anxious fighting”.

Here’s the latest information on the war and its impact around the world.

Russia’s hypersonic missile attack on Ukraine exposes Western vulnerability, Russia fired half a dozen Kinzhal hypersonic missiles at Ukraine early Thursday, killing at least six people. Globally, the advanced missiles sparked fresh warnings over the Kremlin’s sophisticated arsenal, highlighting that Putin has hard-to-intercept, nuclear-capable weapons that the United States and its allies do not yet possess , write Post reporters Robin Dixon and David L. Stern.

“They are seen as a priority weapons category by most major countries,” said Siddharth Kaushal of the Royal United Services Institute think tank. “They’re useful for a few things, emphasizing air defense, hitting high-value targets, but they’re also very expensive capabilities to develop … They’re certainly not silver bullet capabilities, but they An important capability.”

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