‘Vanderpump’ Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix split after he allegedly cheated on her with Raquel Lewis


Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix

call it quits …

Alleged he cheated on costar Raquel Lewis

“Vanderpump Rules” Stars tom sandoval And ariana madix are no more, a revelation that will surely rock the show’s cast after she allegedly cheated with a costar Raquel Lewis,

Show sources tell us Ariana found out about the alleged cheating in the past few days and ended things with Tom shortly thereafter. We’re told the producers realized what happened, and decided to fire up cameras with the entire cast in the coming days to document the fallout… and hopefully they’ll be able to get over it. Will be season is currently airing.

What’s interesting, Ariana was with Tom recently on Wednesday to celebrate the release of her new single and perform with her band. However, sources close to Tom reveal that the two have been on a falling out for quite some time now.

It was suggested in a season 10 promo for ‘VPR’ that Tom and Ariana were in an open relationship, but Ariana later shut it down, tweeting, “Our relationship is not open. I’m not really that cool.” Yes. I thought that was clear. Bisexual ≠ polygamous.”

However, it has been a storyline this season that Raquel wants to hook up with the show’s other Tom, Tom Schwartz … two out shayna shayMarriage of

Tom and Ariana first got together back in 2013 when she joined the show as a full-time cast member.

Neither Tom nor Ariana has addressed the split or its cause publicly… although Ariana did delete her Instagram account.

We reached out to reps for Tom, Ariana, Raquel, and Bravo… each had no comment.

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