Vanessa Bouche reveals sex betting chats against Mexican actresses

Following the acquittal of Pascacio López, accused of sexual assault crimes, Vanessa Bouche revealed that “War of the Neighbors” staffer and actor Pascacio López had conversations to violate women and discriminate against people with brown hair.

After being released after not being able to verify allegations of sexual abuse under Pascacio López, Vanessa Bouche, one of the women assaulted by the actor during their collaboration in War of Neighbors, the actress announced that she and His production is one in a series directed by Fernando Sarinana for Netflix. chat where he made misogynistic comments and made dirty bets,

During an interview with Adela Mica, in which Héctor Suárez Gomis was also present, who said he was sorry for not accepting the role in order to break the hunter’s face, the protagonist of Acapulco also revealed that many men They created a WhatsApp group called ‘Machos Contra Feminazis’.A derogatory term to qualify women who defend their rights.

“They were all thoroughly threatened,” the actress said, “there’s no level of narcissistic, manipulative, dark personality. All of a sudden he would stop (and yell at me), for like a month and a half. He Told me not to do that.” anything because he was crazy and drunk they laughed because they had a chat where He bets on having sex with women from all departments. They put a price on us,” he said.

Bouche, who you will remember for being one of the revelations in Amores Perros by Alejandro González Iñárritu, said that he Condemned the existence of chat with human resources in the offices of Netflix, in Los Angeles. Sarah Nichols, an actress, reported his sexual abuse allegation to the prosecutor’s office in Jalisco, Guadalajara. She’s a female announcer and a Mexican-American, according to what she explained. Loreto Peralta, Christian Vazquez and others were part of the production.


Pascacio violated Vanessa on set

Vanessa reported that on one occasion Pascaccio came in drunk and yelled at her that “she hasn’t studied.” “It almost hit me,” he explained. This made him cry. The next week, during an improvisation, he blazed again and there he discovered the WhatsApp group. “There were people from the production, from the staff; elifer torres he saw, they showed himIn fact, this guy tried to kiss her when he met her,” she explained.

The actress said that their crimes are not grounds to go to jail in Jalisco, but that she knows of at least 10 cases where there is protection among men. In fact, she never tires of pointing father of ximena sarinana and director of loving you hurts under pressure, “To this day they remain untouched. Regardless of how revitalizing the process is, we need to work through the channels or they will not turn up, if two of their ex-partners censure them through criminal proceedings, it would be Sarah and Anything else would have happened to me,” he remarked.


Vanessa said that Fernando Sarinana covered for Pascaccio.

As a result of this masculinity and aggression, Bouche put on several kilos before starting production. acapulco With Eugenio Derbez. Jose Enrique Pascasio de León, Pascasio’s uncle, is in charge of security. “Fernando was always on set and laughing. There was classism. He talked about black haired actors and called us ‘fucking cats’“, he remarked.

According to Bouche, as a result of the investigation carried out in 2020, Sarinana and Moises Chiver (Club de Cuervos) were forced to issue an apology, but this did not come. she did not return for season two war of neighbors For obvious reasons, but there was also a year-long campaign against him. Pascacio comes back. So far, no one has exercised their right of reply or issued any statement.

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