Vanessa Claudio sent Uriel Estrada to the friendzone throughout the live show

  • Many Internet users say that Uriel Estrada and Vanessa Claudio have great chemistry.

one of the most successful programs aztec tvis undoubtedly at the peak, But now it’s given the drivers something to talk about because vanessa cloud hit on television uriel estradaWho is his partner in broadcasting.

On several occasions the drivers have stated in front of the cameras that they are very good friends, however, they have shown time and again that perhaps there is more to them than just friendship, as let’s remember the one time they were just about to kiss.

The way Vanessa Claudio sent her colleague to the friendzone, through a video shared on the official Instagram account El Extremo.

Gave the drivers of El Extremo something to talk about / Instagram: @vanessaclaudio / @urielestradatv

The moment came when the presenters agreed to something and when they held hands, Vanessa looked a little uncomfortable so she quickly called Estrada ‘dude’.

After this reaction, it did not take long for the journalist to be ridiculed, that is, many Internet users took note of the situation and assured that Uriel was killed.

“It’s madness to say I don’t love you. Avoid appearances by hiding the evidence, ’cause I can keep pretending if I can’t deceive my heart,” was the translation, friend, “Wayne, it’s a good boy.” is”, “Because he put his face like that, it probably will be, if he walks by and they don’t want to say it”, “We all wish they would be boyfriends, get married and have kids”, There were some comments.

So far Vanessa Claudio and Uriel Estrada are still friends and there is apparently an attraction on both sides, so many fans of the program expect news soon that there is something more between them.

These were some of the comments from internet users / Instagram: @vanessaclaudio / @urielestradatv

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