Walter Mercado: Astrology Horoscope for Sunday, May 21, 2023

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Note to readers: Dennett Bennett Niece and collaborator of the late astrologer Walter Mercado, Mercado continues his legacy by writing horoscopes.


(March 20 – April 18)

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The Sun in Gemini makes it easier for you to communicate with others. You feel more secure and confident when talking, discussing sensitive issues with others, giving presentations, and even receiving or meeting. Many stand out for their talents such as writing or composing music. Your Statement of the Day: “I communicate openly and honestly.” Lucky numbers: 2, 22, 7.


(19 – 19 April Of May)

Your time has come to enjoy abundance, good fortune and the good life. The Sun in the second house of your zodiac sign positively affects whatever you want to do to earn money or improve your lifestyle. Leave thoughts of scarcity or poverty and think big. Your Statement of the Day: “I communicate clearly and I am successful.” Lucky numbers: 11, 35, 31.


(20 – 19 May June’s)

On this day the Sun changes your zodiac sign. Congratulations to all Gemini people. Your personal energy rises and you feel successful, hopefully powerful, the most popular and attractive in your environment. Perfect time to start a project or excel in what you want. Good luck with your favorite numbers. Your affirmation today: “I have the power to change my life.” Lucky numbers: 32, 6, 49.


(June 20 – 21 July)

From this Sunday, the energy of the Sun wraps itself in the sheet of happiness. date

Enjoy being allowed to go out and do what you love. Quit feeling sad or isolating yourself from others. What happened is in the past. Open yourself to receive the flow of blessings. Your statement for the day: “I respect and love myself very much.” Lucky numbers: 7, 40, 43.


(July 22 – August 21)

The Sun encourages you to break out of the doldrums and gloom that often limit you. There are many changes in your life and you yearn for the past. Focus on the happy moments you’ve had, not the sad ones. Learn to live in the present. Make the best of your present and build a better future. Your affirmation today: “I accept and respect others” Lucky numbers: 5, 40, 28.


(August 22 – September 21)

Today, starting Sunday, the Sun activates your social sector, friendships, connections, and contacts with influential people. You follow the example of successful and financially stable people to increase your wealth. The Moon makes you more protective, domestic, and familiar. Your affirmation today: “I can do whatever I set my mind to and succeed”. Lucky numbers: 10, 34, 58.


(September 22 – October 22)

The Sun, as of today, propels you to live in abundance and do business and sign contracts with great success. You may undertake one or more trips for business or work reasons. Your fortune is abroad. Dare to ask something important and that concerns you. Your affirmation today: “At all times I wish to receive peace, love and health in abundance.” Lucky numbers: 44, 28, 33.


(23 October – 20 November)

A Sunday of peace and love, intimacy and joy. Avoid any person or situation that will change your existence. Tonight’s energy makes you more sensual, mysterious, and provocative. The Sun is more supportive of this trend. It makes you more mysterious and arouses your interest in the forbidden. Follow your intuition. Your statement for the day: “I love and respect myself.” Lucky numbers: 5, 37, 11.


(21 November – 20 December)

It’s time to put into practice what you learned in your previous relationship. Stop being a victim or falling into destructive patterns. The Sun makes you more practical and less emotional. Take care of your finances. Do not get cheated or invest money in matters that do not benefit you. Your statement for the day: “I am immune to everything negative.” Lucky numbers: 7, 48, 22.


(December 21 – January 18)

No negative thinking. Everything is possible if you propose it like this. Dare to stand out. You find yourself very creative, inventive, you have the drive and energy to do everything you set your mind to. Your health is important, especially now that you want to live many experiences to the fullest with your loved ones and friends forever. Your Statement of the Day: “I embrace peace, love and freedom.” Lucky numbers: 3, 41, 6.

Fish house

(January 19 – February 17)

The Sun highlights your romantic and creative side. fall in love with you. Live in the spirit of loving yourself so much that your self-love infects others as well. You radiate a unique beauty. Your energy vibrates so high that others can notice it. You are the star, the center of everyone’s attraction. You like what’s cool and you demand quality. Your statement for the day: “I live free from the opinions of others.” Lucky numbers: 48, 49, 20.


(February 18 – 19 of March)

Your priority this month is your career or profession. You need to grow and earn more money. The Sun opens you up to receive rewards, respect and recognition for your great work. If you find yourself unemployed, choose the job that suits you and attract prosperity. Your affirmation today: “I am strong, powerful and blessed by God.” Lucky numbers: 19, 32, 39.

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