‘Warrior Nun’ fanatics stop their campaign for season 3 to wage war against Netflix for yet another injustice

Image via Netflix

Netflix fantasy series fans warrior nun The war has been on ever since the streamer unceremoniously canceled the series, leaving many of its dangling plot threads unresolved. The fandom is campaigning to renew the series for season three either through Netflix, where the streamer admits it made a mistake or some other platform swoops in to save the day. But recently held script readings for the series, including Simon Barrie and other cast members, have added another point to a long list of serious complaints fans have against Netflix.

Amidst all the commotion and hype for Season 3, fans are intrigued that there might have been a blooper reel from the previous season of the series, which is yet to be released. But when series star Christina Tonteri-Young shared while reading the script At how she intentionally had to mess up her scenes in season two to make sure she was part of the blooper reel, the entire fandom was first speechless and then furious at the existence of the clip and the fact that Netflix deprived us of this on purpose. doing .

Netflix keeping fans away from the blooper reel on top of canceling the series is apparently an atrocity. warrior nun Supporters will be allowed to slide.

So far, Netflix has shown no signs that its ongoing campaign to save the show and renew it for a third season influenced the streamer or its decision to cancel. While the next season may be less likely to see the light of day, it is quite possible that the streamer eventually decides to please its subscribers by releasing a blooper reel. But until that happens, the warrior nun showrunner It is making sure that at least it is rewarding the campaigners in every possible way.

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