Warrior reveals Josera’s disapproval in Azteca: “Do you know more than Menotti?” halftime

went from being an actor for a telenovela on Televisa when he was a teenager to becoming one of the References to game details on TV Azteca, the story of Carlos “Warrior” Guerrero Has some wonderful anecdotes, but also remembers the difficult moments Her first meeting with Jose Ramon Fernandez,

Jose Ramon’s Contempt For The Warriors

Being a youth originally from Guanajuato where in the late 90s and early 2000s the appearances of León, Irapuato, Celaya and La Piedad were always in the news in Mexican football, Warrior eyes David FettlesonThus opening the door to become a part of Los Hero.

,i was influenced by jose ramon, When the producer first said to me: ‘Get on air with your link to Jose Ramon’ my heart skipped a beat. That was in the days of Los Nayaks when there were Fetelson, Pepe Espinosa, Enrique Garay, Andre Marin, Christian Martinoli, Rafa Puente.”

talking show Sagafoot With Donkey Van Rankin and Juan Carlos Gabriel de Anda, the new father of the family recalls Her work eventually gave her the opportunity to meet Fernandez. That meeting certainly didn’t go according to plan, though, at the TV Azteca facilities in Mexico City.

“After two years of ‘hard and hit it’, I asked David (Fetleson) if he would give me a chance to match Leon. Then TV Azteca aired them and I offered to pitch or narrate. As Fatalson was José Ramón’s closest contact, he took me to TV Azteca three times to see him.,

This is how Josera dismissed Warrior on TV Azteca

Unfortunately for Luis Garcia, Martinoli, David Medrano and Zagg’s now teammates, Josera never gave him a chance at that timeBut he admits that all this was evidence that the dean of journalism exerted pressure on all the young people who were forged under his leadership.

“Do you know more than George Valdano? Do you know more than Menotti? Well, the day you know more they come and take my time”,

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