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Enjoy beer and soundidero at Falling Piano’s 5th anniversary celebration.

This weekend you’ll be able to live in one of these beer experience Well, because if you feel like dancing to the beats of one of the best sonidoros in town beer In hand, and try different beer styles at the same time, this event is for you.

brewery falling pianoThe spot that’s already become an iconic CDMX spot to drink after only five years of opening craft beerRoma celebrates its fifth anniversary at its brewery located in the heart of the neighborhood.

Come to the Beer & Sound party to celebrate Falling Piano’s 5th anniversary.

The brewery decided to celebrate this anniversary make it big and give consent cheleros Fans of a very good combination: beer and sonidero, and at the same time, respecting one of the most beautiful traditions of CDMX: the label, and the best of popular culture: the titles of the beers you will try at the event, another one of Mexico’s There is a tribute to the great popular Jewel: Alber.

The festival will also feature beer and sound, in addition to the Antillean Pearl and several styles of beer.

so you can try cheves With curious names:

  • man jerking: A craft beer made with dulce de palqueta and stout style.

  • guava squeezes: A smooth sour beer with guava.

  • sour roof: This is a very fresh double hazy IPA.

  • San Jasmeo Pilsner: A super light and fresh Pilsner.

  • apple ale: A classic pale ale.

  • very belgian: A super rich Belgian IPA with floral and fruity notes.

  • minced from last night: A barrel aged sour with sourdough.

  • churros blows: An Imperial Stout with Churros.

  • Sack of Coffee, Veracruz: Imperial Stout with Veracruz Coffee.

The festival will feature the famous Perla Antillana sound, which is number one in Ciudad Neza, to set the mood for the party and encourage you to take forbidden steps and help you groove to the track while you drink a ¨chelita. Are.

To celebrate Falling Piano’s 5th anniversary, you’ll be able to try a variety of craft beers.

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where and when?

  • Address: Coahuila 99, Roma Norte, Cuyahtemoc, CDMX

  • Timings: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM.

  • Price: $130.00 – $550.00

  • Instagram: @fallingpianobrewing

More data…

general admission to Pachangon It costs $130 pesos and includes a beer and a commemorative glass. You can also buy the Endo Chido Pass which will get you the collectible glasses for $550.00.

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