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Goldberg, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, is reported to have repeatedly declined to wrestle Duane Gill.

Under the alias Gillberg, Gill is renowned for his ability to impersonate the former WCW champion, and he has made multiple appearances on WWE TV.

Goldberg and Gillberg have frequently appeared together on WWE TV, but no formal contests between the two superstars have ever taken place.

The 63-year-old suggested it would have been profitable to pit Goldberg and Gillberg against one another during a conversation on the "Cheap Heat Productions Podcast."

Additionally, Gill stated that Gillberg may retire from business after earning $100,000 if the match ever takes place, giving Goldberg the opportunity to earn millions of dollars.

Duane also acknowledged that he has already discussed the concept with Triple H, the creative director of WWE, and co-CEO Stephanie McMahon, though it is still unknown whether they will really book the match.

Gillberg made his final WWE appearance at the Raw episode from January 2021, where he was a guest on John Morrison and The Miz's Dirt Sheet segment.

At Elimination Chamber 2022, Goldberg lost to Roman Reigns in his final WWE match. Since Triple H took over creative, the WWE legend has yet to compete in the WWE.

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