Scientists Discover Double-Star System That Will Explode in a Kilonova

By Kevin

Scientists have discovered a double-star system that will explode in a kilonova, a precious metal-creating blast caused by the merging of two stellar corpses.

The kilonova won't occur for millions of years, but the precursor system consists of one massive star and a dense, dead neutron star in a shared orbit.

Kilonovas occur during the merger of two neutron stars or a neutron star and a black hole and result in a flash of electromagnetic radiation.

The double-star system, called CPD-29 2176, was discovered by astronomers using the SMARTS 1.5-meter Telescope in Chile and is located 11,400 light-years from Earth.

The neutron star in the system was formed by a special class of supernova called a stripped-down supernova and the massive star will likely become a neutron star and eventually merge with the current neutron star, resulting in a kilonova.

The discovery provides insight into the formation of neutron stars and the possibility of some stars dying without traditional supernovae.

The development of the cosmic event may take up to a billion years but scientists are excited to study the precursor before the explosion.

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