The Simple Diet of Deepika Padukone For A Toned Body

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Deepika opposes going hungry from overeating! She as a result eats six balanced meals each day.

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Six Meals A Day

Deepika drinks warm water with honey and lemon on an empty stomach, or she soaks fenugreek seeds in methi for the night.

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Morning Drink

In the morning, Deepika enjoys eating dishes high in protein. In the mornings, she typically has two egg whites on toast or Idli Sambhar with filtered coffee.


A bowl of freshly chopped fruits and vegetables is consumed by Deepika. She won't overeat at lunch thanks to this nutritious alternative.

Pre Lunch Snack

Simple lunche like Dal, Roti, and Sabzi are Deepika's favorite. She ensures that protein and carbs are balanced in her diet. Rasam & rice are other foods she enjoys.

Healthy Lunch

As a snack in the evening, Deepika typically eats nutritious nuts. Almonds and filtered coffee are her go-to snacks.

Evening Snacks

Deepika like eating a small supper for dinner. As her evening meal, she often consumes two chapatis, veggies, and salad.

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Sweets are Deepika's weakness! She therefore enjoys eating dark chocolate on occasion.


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