Destiny 2 Error Codes Cabbage, Currant, and Coconut: How to Fix Them

By Kevin

Players of Destiny 2 are facing a well-known error during the start of the eighth weekend alongside Trials of Osiris.

The error codes in question include Cabbage, Currant, and Coconut.

These errors can be caused by issues with the player's connectivity, including hardware such as routers, or contacting ISPs to report packet losses.

Bungie has announced an investigation into the issue and has provided a network troubleshooting guide on their official website.

Coconut error code can occur due to ISP issues, packet losses, network hardware complications, Wi-Fi glitches, and more.

Currant error code also involves issues regarding ISPs, hardware, and more.

Cabbage error code occurs mainly when a user's router closes any communication with the game's official server.

To fix this error, players should connect the console directly to the router via wired or Wi-Fi connection, disable UPnP and extended security, and disable any "Assigned Games & Applications" settings.

If the error code persists, players are recommended to wait for further announcements from Bungie's support on Twitter, or post about the problem on official forums.

The recent wave of Destiny 2 error codes seems to be from the server side instead of the players.

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