FIFA World Cup 2022: Top 10 Fittest Players

World cup football commences in 5 days, here are the top ten fittest footballers of 2022.

By Kevin

Inaki Williams

Inaki Williams has a remarkable record of going six years without getting injured!

Source: Animeindianews

Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo’s fitness is commendable. The 37 year old football star has extraordinary athletic skills, amazing pace and agility, aerial ability and power at an age when most footballers retire.

Source: Animeindianews

James Milner

James Milner is 36 years old but still is in amazing form. He also recently won Liverpool’s lactate test at the start of pre-season.

Source: Animeindianews

Adama Traore

Adama Traore is one the most athletic and fittest footballers in 2022. His position is of a winger and is extremely fast, agile and skillful.

Source: Animeindianews

Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian King is also among the fittest players in the world thanks to a strict diet and rigorous exercise plan, including 3 am workouts during Ramadan.

Source: Animeindianews

Robert Lewandowski

The polish sticker’s fitness trainer is his wife. She deserves as much credit in training him as he does in maintaining himself.

Source: Animeindianews

Mason Mount

Mason Mount has won the Chelsea Player of the Season award in the last two seasons, and it is not surprising why.

Source: Animeindianews

Leroy Sane

Although he is naturally blessed with terrific speed and abundant skills, Sane has a slender body. To ensure he doesn’t always get muscled off the ball by opposition defenders, the winger regularly works out in the gym — focusing on building his strength.

Source: Animeindianews

Leon Goretzka

The German player transformed himself during the coronavirus lockdown to add more bulk to his physique and now is in his best form.

Source: Animeindianews

Lionel messi

Messi's physical built is different than other players but even at the age of 35, his speed and agility is commendable.

Source: Animeindianews

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