Is Dragon Ball Heroes Canon?

By Kevin

The series is considered to be a spin-off or alternate universe to the main Dragon Ball series.

The events and characters in Dragon Ball Heroes are not considered to be part of the main Dragon Ball continuity.

The series features new characters and story elements that are not present in the main series.

Dragon Ball Heroes is known for its over-the-top action and storylines, which are not consistent with the tone of the main series.

Some fans enjoy Dragon Ball Heroes for its unique story and characters, while others view it as a non-canonical deviation from the main series.

Dragon Ball Heroes has also released anime adaptation and it's also considered as non-canon

The game also introduce new form and power-ups that are not present in the main series

The manga adaptation is also considered as non-canon, it is just an adaptation of the game story

Despite not being considered canon, Dragon Ball Heroes has still gained a sizable fanbase and continues to be popular with fans of the Dragon Ball franchise.