Kate Middleton And Prince William's Bridesmaid Who's Grown Up To Look Just Like Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret, sister of the Queen, was renowned for leading a glamorous lifestyle full of lavish parties and high-profile sentiments.

With this life came a particular closet that began to define the Princess, establishing her as a top-tier socialite and media darling.

In 1951, she wore one of her most well-known ensembles at a movie premiere in Leicester Square.

Margaret seems to have caught the fashion of the day with her ensemble of a white, beaded dress and a white fur jacket.

Currently, her grandchild, who was born two months after the Princess passed away, has inherited her grandmother's appearance.

Woman Margarita Armstrong-Jones recently donned an attire to a high-profile celebration in honor of her endearing grandma.

Based on Tatler, "Margarita was the belle of the ball last night; she danced all night long into the wee hours with her friends and cousins Samuel Chatto and Robert Armstrong-Jones.

Every single young lady needed to be her, and every single young man needed to be with her."

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