Lionel Messi Immortalises Legacy By Winning Argentina's 'Cup Of Joy'

The tournament's star player, the magician Messi, scored seven goals overall, including two in the nail-biting final match against the reigning champions, France.

What does it take to become a legendary figure in a sport that produces superstars year after year?

The solution might be both very straightforward and extremely complex. It could be simple to become popular in the most popular sport in the world in the modern era,

when every move and tackle performed, every pass made, and every goal scored reaches the handsets of millions of football fans in a matter of seconds.

Worldwide, millions of people are passionate about football, and each week, club football players earn both admiration and hatred depending on how they perform.

However, it is their national team accomplishments, particularly at the FIFA World Cup, that earn them a place in the Hall of Fame.

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