Nasa Sets Launch Date For Mission To $10 Quintillion Asteroid

NASA says it is finally restarting its mission to explore a fascinating and enormous space rock

lying deep in the Asteroid Belt after disappointing setbacks and a postponement over the summer.

Scientists are more interested in Psyche's metal-rich composition than its size, which is thought to have a riches of iron, nickel, 

and gold valued at an estimated $10 quintillion, easily exceeding the value of the entire Earthly economy.

The NASA-targeted asteroid 16 Psyche, which makes up exactly 1% of the mass of the Asteroid Bet, is thought to be the core of an extinct planet.

NASA's aptly named Psyche spacecraft was initially scheduled to launch in August 2022,

but a recurrent flight software problem caused the space agency to miss its launch window, which ended on October 11.

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