Veteran Phillies Player Unhappy With Jill Biden

The Philadelphia Phillies lost the World Series after Game 6 on Saturday night, falling to the Houston Astros.

Legendary Phillies player Lenny Dykstra announced his choice on social media following the game.

Dykstra is not happy with the First Lady since she has had enough issues throughout the years. He attributes the Phillies' loss to Jill Biden.

 "Better luck next time, #Phillies. Might be better off rolling out that red carpet for Lenny Dykstra instead of Dr. Jill Biden. (9 hits in 3 games since she showed up.)" Dykstra wrote.

Added him: "The #Phillies have had nine hits overall while going 0-3 since the doctor arrived. #TheCooler."

The fan base is today dissatisfied, but perhaps they will be happy about the run in the future.

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