“What a beauty”: Paris Hilton reveals the first photos of her baby

Paris Hilton surprised everyone by announcing the birth of her first child on January 25. And that is that no one knew that he was expecting a bus, because in addition to keeping it hidden for so many months, he did it through a surrogate mother.

And it wasn’t until four weeks later that they decided to show the face of their son, Phoenix Barron Hilton Rem, for the first time.

The businesswoman is married to Carter Milliken Rem, and the two appear together underage in images published exclusively by People magazine.

The medium’s Instagram post was filled with beautiful comments from her followers: “This is beautiful”, “These are the joys of being a mother, congratulations”, “What a beautiful photo”; There were some reactions.

see photos here

Paris Hilton by People Magazine
Paris Hilton by People Magazine
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