What does it mean to get married in a black dress like Carlos Trejo’s girlfriend?

What does it mean to get married in a black dress like Carlos Trejo’s girlfriend?

The so-called ‘ghostbusters’ caused a sensation by showing their fiancee the clothes they wore on their wedding day

By: Fabricio Martinez

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Carlos Trejo and his fiancee in a black wedding dress

carlos trejoThe so-called Ghostbusters are days away from hitting the altar with Meri Rodriguez, his partner of more than 10 years, choosing a darker theme for a non-traditional wedding.

Everything will be different, from the couple’s invitation, which is shaped like a Ouija board, to the dress that the bride will wear, which will be completely black, causing surprise among her followers.

Carlos Trejo claims the weirdest wedding dress his fiancee will wear

The fact that the bride wears a white dress on the wedding day is an idea that is normalized today, but it is not a strictly established rule to do so. In fact, earlier brides used to wear clothes of this colour.

Centuries ago, only people with high purchasing power could afford white fabric and yarn Because of its high cost, while other classes of people married in black because it was cheaper.

This time wearing black is gaining strength Since what is black associated with in the world of fashion? elegance, sophistication and the most serene, Designers like Naeem Khan or Vera Wang had already put it into practice.

Recently, black wedding dress can have many meanings such as break with a classicHappen Original or, even, because of belonging to a culture dark or gothic,

So it will be common that in the years to come, brides will want to ditch the traditional white tone and go for whatever color they want.

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