What is the advice for each zodiac sign that will help you this Sunday, February 26 – Publiquetro Colombia

Angels and angels manifest themselves in many ways and at different times. Open your heart and let yourself be filled with the energy that they emit when you call upon them to thank you or to light your way.


Archangel Phanuel

You have to be very intelligent to get harmony in your family, understand the differences and change it so that everyone feels harmony. Ask the angel Phanuel for the gift of wisdom to guide everyone in love.


Archangel Raduel

You have already gone through a very difficult situation in your life. It’s time to reinvent yourself and go out into the world to show that you can do it. Redueriel is a powerful angel who radiates light to heal you.


Archangel Zuriel

You have some very strong reactions which are causing you emotional and personal problems. You must remain calm to deal with setbacks in life. The angel Zuriel protects you every step of the way.


Archangel Raheel

Love reaches your arms as you wanted, you will be filled with light, patience and you will give your all so that the future is the most beautiful. The angel Rahmeel will guard you on that path to receive that blessing.


archangel nathaniel

You should order to be able to achieve all the proposed goals in your life, because your future is prosperous and happy. Ask the angel Nathanael to destroy all obstacles in the way of receiving the blessing.


Archangel Barachiel

You have a light that protects you and makes you feel strong in these moments because the blessing you have been waiting for has come to you. Receive goodness with gratitude and humility and ask Angel Barachil for wisdom to do good deeds.


Archangel Malchedel

Beware of those who put you down and steal your energy. You are intelligent, a being with a positive and cheerful attitude. Angel Malkedal will be there to protect you with his healing light and give you the gift of generosity.


Archangel Camel

Important changes are coming in your life which need your full concentration to achieve the objectives. Everything comes with success and the Angel Camel will illuminate you with his light so that you can overcome all obstacles.


Archangel Zadkiel

Arrogance and arrogance are not good advisors when looking for solutions to problems. Invoke the angel Zadkiel to give you the gifts of benevolence and kindness and the patience to wait to resolve them.


archangel zerathel

You should be careful about your family relationships, some problems are creating discussions and arguments which are not leading to anything good. Gerathel is the angel who will help you understand what is happening and solve it.

Fish house

Archangel Hamaliel

You have immense desires for professional improvement that you will achieve if you put in the effort, but be patient as good things come slowly. The angel Hamaliel drives away the fearful thoughts that may come to your mind when faced with obstacles.


archangel chamuel

It is a time to take time for yourself, a time to relax, a time to rest and energize yourself for things to come in the future. Join Chamuel to let the light from nature help you find the peace of mind you need.

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