What madness! Four coaches press at the same time after hearing Lucia Fernandez sing

What a plenary night we’re livin’the voice kids, The four coaches clamor for Barbare to perform and use their best weapons to try to convince her it’s time for another exciting audition.

lucia fernandezShe is fourteen years old, she is from Gipuzkoa and although she was nervous when she went on stage in ‘La Voz Kids’, she has shown that she has a unique voice.

Sung by PratibhaHappy‘, a song by Olivia Rodrigo with which one of the most exciting completed seasons has been won. And that’s it, on hearing this, all the four coaches have pressed the button together.

Rosario, Aitana, Sebastian Tour And david bisbal They have fought over her voice and said very nice things for Pratibha.

Of course, the coaches’ face has changed when Aitana confesses that she knew the little girl. Still, the coaches did nothing but praise him and say nice things.

After singing with Aitana and fulfilling one of her dreams, the little girl thanked everyone before saying: “There is one person who always steals my heart and that is Aitana,” she explained. Welcome to the Aetna team!

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