When Raikon was asked about love and Karol ji

urban music singer from Antioquia recon fascinated by his most recent involvement in our earth awards 2023 Where he was not only one of the artists featured on the red carpet, but also had the opportunity to be the official presenter of the gala alongside beautiful actress and singer Carolina Sabino.

Of course, these aspects kept him booming during the day, so the media and his fans didn’t hesitate to find a place to talk about his new musical projects and some of the personal aspects that were playing him.

Raikkonen reacts unexpectedly when asked about love and Karol ji

Right within the framework of his personal issues, he was asked by a dynamic Viral what position he would choose with the three most famous women in the coffee country, among whom he was named shakira, Carroll G. And carmen villalobos Under the options of: Which one would you use for the music video? With whom will you be collaborating musically? With whom else would you give yourself a chance to fall in love?

Faced with this prospect, he replied that he would take advantage of Carmen’s charisma and beauty to use her as a model for one of his clips and that he would make a musical collaboration with Karol G and Shakira, who is currently his Taking advantage of success. to be and that everything they release hits the top positions.

It was precisely when he integrated these two talents that he left the third answer up in the air, indicating that in love he prefers to be alone.

Raycon, did you break up with Luisa Castro?

It is no secret to anyone that one of the aspects that has most affected Racon in the media boom is his alleged relationship with content producer Luisa Castro, with whom, after a series of coincidences, it was assumed that they were at the beginning of their courtship. Were enjoying from public pressure.

However, during the gala he confirmed to various national media that their relationship had ended and that he is now focused more than ever on making new music.

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