Who is luckier Shakira or Pique?

love story between colombian singers Shakira and former Spanish soccer player and businessman Gerard Piqué didn’t last as long as their fans had hoped and their split has given them much to talk about for months. The songs made by the Barranquilla woman, the taunts in Spanish and the custody of her two children have been discussed in the media and in the network, Milan and Sasha.

On the other hand, an issue that has also been on the public agenda is how much billing celebrities are getting from this position, as the music of both The Colombian league has since become more popular as the Spanish league and that certainly means money.

latest songs from Shakira, for example, has been a complete success and is certainly leaving several million in her pocket. In less than a week it entered the global top 10 on Spotify. And its official video on YouTube already has more than 47 million followers and 3 million 100 thousand likes.

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Who is luckier Shakira or Pique?

Now, if you want to know which of the two has more fortune, it must be said that it is the Colombian who wins in this ranking, because he has more than a musical career. 30 years old and, according to Celebrity Net Worth, a website specializing in the fortunes of celebrities, this has allowed him to have a net worth of $300 million dollars.

Thus, Shakira is ranked as the second most successful Latin singer in history after Gloria Estefan.

What is the difference between the fortunes of Shakira and Pique?

however. It should be said that with the difference Piqué is huge, as the man has a net worth of $80 million, which is 26% that of the Colombian woman.

And given the amount of success Shakira has had with her new songs, this $220 million gap is likely to grow.

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