Who is Tarik Othan, Mia Rubin Legareta’s boyfriend dedicated to bullfighting

During the first hours of the weekend, images of Tariq Othan in full declaration of love My rubin legaretawho appear to be the next great entertainment media couple in Mexico, but also One of the most loved

In a video posted on social networks by friends of the two, you can see a giant light sign that says “Want to be my girlfriend”, with fireworks displayfollowed by a hug along with some other gestures of affection.

Credits: Instagram

Although none of them have made love revelations, it seems like the relationship will be a reality. Neither of the actress’ famous parents have made an appearance in this news. Andrea Legaretta and Eric RubinIn fact, they are still embroiled in the scams of their separation.

According to Tariq’s social media, youth engaged in bullfighting, the activity done by the young person is actually rejoneo, that is, he makes the same entrance, but mounts a horse to increase the difficulty. There are quite a few pictures and videos in it, so it’s instinctive it’s his great passion And he wants to make it to the big leagues.

His movement has been closely followed by the media that specializes in bullfighting. At the beginning of his career and to this day, he has attracted the attention of those, and has covered great festivities across the republicAlways victorious and acclaimed by the public.


Furthermore, it has been documented that Rijonador is a native of the state of Querétaro, but Born on 16 December 2003 in Mexico City. He is 19 now and will be turning 20 in a few months. His debut in the squares was in January 2019 Arandas, in Jalisco, with a bull whose ear had been cut off.

when was his first approach to rezono bought a horse owned by diego ventura, who trained him in his first stages through team training, until he reached the activity he currently does. locally known as One of the greatest promises.

In an interview with the “Maxwell” outlet, he revealed that one of his big passions is bullfight training, and also trains his horses as well, so Dream of being the leader of the discipline in Mexico, Furthermore, he said that he enjoys other activities such as sharing time with friends and family, going to the movies, a nice restaurant, etc.


It is very popular in social networks. This time There are 79 thousand followers On Instagram, where he has uploaded only 29 publications, many of which have been blocked by the company for images deemed violent. They can see each other, but only if you want.

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