All eyes are on May 6, the day of the coronation of King Carlos III and Queen Camilla. There will be a three-day festival which is creating huge expectations in the country and abroad. While waiting for this moment to come, little by little we learn new details about what awaits us on the first weekend of May. Elizabeth II’s son has completely broken with tradition and expressed his desire for his grandson, Prince George, to have a “significant” role.


Carlos III and Queen Camilla are very interested in playing a “key” role in Prince George’s coronation, The Sunday Times has revealed., The son of Prince William, who is just nine years old, will have a role to play on his grandfather’s most important day. Although details have not been disclosed, the King of England is expected to give his place to the third in the line of succession.

The decision completely breaks with tradition as it will be the first time that the heir to the throne actively participates in a coronation. It should be remembered that at the Elizabeth II ceremony in 1953, the then Prince Charles was a mere spectator (he was four) and it was the Duke of Edinburgh who had an active role. in the same way, Prince William is also expected to have a major role on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.


As royal experts tell the British paper, the fact that Prince George is at the coronation sends a message of symbolism for the future. On the other hand, as revealed by other British media, Camilla’s grandson may also play another role in the ceremony to show that They are a “blended family” And normalize it in the face of public opinion. It should be remembered that when the date of the historic event was announced, it was defined as a coronation that would “reflect the current role of the monarch and look to the future, while maintaining the traditions and pomp of a long tradition”. shall be vested.”

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At this time, it is unknown whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will travel from California to London to attend the ceremony. In this case, since King Carlos III personally sent them the invitation, Buckingham Palace has a plan so that they do not attract attention during the three days of the festivities. Regarding the details that have been confirmed about the coronation, It is known that two thousand guests will attend, even less than Elizabeth II’s event, which was attended by eight thousand.