WIT Studio, Flying Dog’s ‘Fuyu no Okurimono’ anime short streamed

juna Briefly introduces the theme about a girl encountering a mysterious creature

flying dog started streaming it and Wisdom Studio“Fuyu no Okurimono” (Winter Present) anime short on Saturday. Video Features junaThe theme song of “Haru no Yume” (Spring Dream).

Small Stars:

Kazuki Terasawa Anime directed, scripted and storyboarded Wisdom Studio with animation collaboration by studio kafka, tomomi kawatsuma Designed the characters and served as chief animation director. yuko kobari color designer, seki tamura was the art director katsuto ogawa was the director of photography, and akiho matsui was in charge of setting up production. Haruka Matsushita was in charge of recording, and Noriko Izumo was in charge of sound effects. n-woven composed music on flying dog, shoji hata I was the sound director sound team don juan,

junafifth anniversary third full album Dear The short will be included on the Blu-ray Disc version of the release on April 12. flying dog The short states “tells the story of a young girl’s growth through an encounter with a mysterious creature.”

Source: flying dog‘S youtube Channel

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