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Despite the worldwide success of Karol ji’s song ‘TQG’ with ShakiraSome users of social networks used humor to ask the native Barranquilla, Colombia, He i don’t bring any other topic music with hints to your ex, Gerard Pique.

As with many memes, some users expressed their displeasure to keep listening – and maybe even get fed up. songs mentioning shakira with whom he lived the father of her children.

shakira songs for pk

It should be remembered that before shakira and tiff After the confirmation of their separation, the singer released the song in collaboration with Rau Alejandro ‘Congratulations’ Where phrases like “I congratulate you, you act so well. I have no doubt about it, continue in your role. That show suits you well. I congratulate you, you act so well.” Are.”

months later he published with Ozuna ‘monotony’‘, a single who talks about outfit a relationship and in which many details—particularly in the music video—were referenced estrangement, “Suddenly, you weren’t the same anymore, you left me because of your promiscuity. You forgot what we once were,” are part of the song’s lyrics.

However, when were the ex-footballer’s signs clear Shakira Vichitra released with ‘Session #53’in which he talked not only about Piqué but also about his partner clara chia, came later ‘tqg’ which many say are the beginnings of the phrase “You’ve grown up”,

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