With “Satisfaction and Exhaustion”, Luis Estrada presents “¡Que Viva México”.

Mexican filmmaker Luis Estrada, in his new film “¡Que Viva México!” Presented, a production that he himself defined as “the most important of his career” and which finally opens on March 23 after a fight because it would reach the national cinema.

Along with the entire cast of the film Ana de la Reguera, alphonso herrera And damian alcazar The director paraded through the red carpet of the premiere in a square south of Mexico City and there he said he was exhausted by the achievement.

“I’m satisfied and tired at the same time, this is one of the most important moments in my career and I believe in my life too, I’ve put so much work into it I can’t believe it, in all this feeling There is some disbelief but it is also a feeling of exhaustion because it has been a process of more than five years since I started writing this film,” Estrada said.

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In late 2022, the director bought the rights of his own film from the Netflix platform, so as not to lose control over distribution and to have a wider exposure before settling on streaming, instead of reaching selected theatres.

The filmmaker said, “This is really the beginning of meeting with the public, who will go of their own accord to see it.”

The film tells the story of Pancho, Alfonso Herrera, an upper-class man who must return to his hometown after the death of his grandfather, where the inheritance causes chaos among his relatives.

Alfonso Herrera said, “Pancho is all of us and just as this microcosm that is the family represents the different traces of Mexican society, I think we are all going to see ourselves represented and it is not only our own It’s an eye-opener.”

story that will reach the screen three thousand 200 cinema country has a Satire Which focuses on the current polarization between social classes and those who are supportive of the current government and those who are not.

The director, who dedicated this film to his children, explained, “I thought about what the most stereotypes were around Mexicans and I intentionally wanted to create them.”

“They are the most important thing in my life and when I started this saga my hope was to try to leave them a better country, but I have failed.”

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