Woman sues Lady Gaga for not offering rewards for her dogs

remember when in 2021 Lady Gaga had her two French Bulldogs stolen While his walker walked with him in Los Angeles? Well, the woman who returned the dogs and who was involved in this case, Wants to sue Lady Gaga for not paying promised reward.

Jennifer McBride, the woman who returned Cozy and Gustav, Wants to denounce Lady Gaga for not paying the $500,000 reward she promised to anyone providing information or the safe return of her pet. without asking where or how he found them.

In 2021, three men in Los Angeles stole two of Lady Gaga’s dogs. Photo: Getty Images

The woman who returned Lady Gaga’s dogs wants the singer to pay her reward

Although at first glance it may seem that Lady Gaga didn’t pay bounties for her dogs, the reality is Jennifer McBride was accused of being an accomplice to three men who attacked a dog walkerRyan Fischer, who was shot when Cozy and Gustav were taken from him.

Los Angeles County officials sentenced gunman James Howard Jackson to 21 years in prison. for his part, That Time The FBI Told Lady Gaga Not To Offer Any Rewards For Her Dogs for the woman, as they were probing whether she was involved in the crime.

Lady Gaga with one of her pups. Photo: Getty Images

She was involved in the crime because she knew who had stolen Lady Gaga’s dogs.

And the FBI’s suspicions were true. Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Michelle Hanisi told TMZ that Jennifer McBride Knew Lady Gaga’s Dogs Were Kidnapped And when he saw that the singer had offered a reward, he decided to return them.

In fact, the woman had known the dog thieves for many years, who were apparently involved in the theft French Bulldogs because they are a very popular dog breed And they have a lot of demand in the market.

Lady Gaga’s dogs were stolen because of their breed, not because they were the singer’s pets. Photo: Getty Images

His lawsuit against Lady Gaga for the dog reward does not proceed

Although now Jennifer McBride wants to sue Lady Gaga for not rewarding her dogs by returning them, LA officials remind you that your request will not be processed Because he is on probation after being linked to a crime.

Significantly, McBride not only wants a $500,000 reward for Lady Gaga’s dogs, but also wants Seeks $1.5 million in damages caused by “deceptive bounty” Singer’s How do you see it?

Miss Asia was Lady Gaga’s only dog ​​who survived a theft two years ago. Photo: Getty Images
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