WWE receives two cease-and-desist letters over Austin Theory’s gimmick

After the failed Money in the Bank cash-in, The Austin Theory went through a major character change. Now blue-chip prospects have started referring to themselves as “The Now”. An independent tag team previously called them out for using their name. Now it looks like they are planning to sue.

Independent wrestlers Vic Dallish and Hal Collins have been partnering since 2006 under the name ‘The Now’. In fact, they are also the owners of the trademark on the name.

Vick recently spoke to the Hudson Valley Post, noting that the team has sent two cease and desists to WWE, and that their next step is to file a lawsuit for trademark infringement.

Vick was initially shocked when he saw Theory using the name because he was aware of the fact that many people in WWE knew about him, his name and that he had a trademark on it. Vick and Hale have sent two cease and desist letters to WWE. If the matter is not resolved they are planning to take it forward with a trademark infringement suit and create confusion in the market.

“My initial reaction was shock, due to the fact that we’ve owned the copyright since 2006, and there are many people in WWE who know Hale and me, know our names, and know we own it.

“After the shock was gone, we decided to reach out. We consulted with a few friends who knew the situation professionally and we were directed to an awesome attorney named Mike Dawkins, who goes by the name of ‘gimmick attorney. ‘ which specializes in trademarks.

“We sent two cease and desist letters to WWE, they accepted one and said they’ll look into it. Seeing this doesn’t stop it from happening on TV. Our next step is a lawsuit for trademark infringement and causing confusion in the market.” Is.”

The world of pro wrestling depends on people respecting the uniqueness of the gimmick, especially when the law is involved. We’ll have to see if the Austin theory disproves “The One,” but it wasn’t woven into his promo fight with John Cena this week on WWE Raw.

It remains to be seen whether the theory’s timing as “The Now” holds up. However, it looks like John Cena has accepted Theory’s challenge at WrestleMania 39. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more updates.

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